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Call and SMS Rates


Network Operator Premium Voice Plan* Standard Voice Plan* Short Message Service (SMS)*
Premium Prefix Premium Rate (USD) Standard Prefix Standard Rate (USD) SMS Prefix SMS Rate (USD)

* Note:

  • - Terms and conditions are apply.
  • - Pulse: 60 seconds.
  • - SMS Rate is per SMS of up to 160 characters.

Mobile Recharge Rates:


Network Operator Country Prefix Destination Amount and Currency* Originating Price and Currency*
Local Recharge Amount Currency Price Currency

* Note:

  • - Terms and conditions are apply.
  • - Local carrier fees or taxes may apply on received recharge amount
  • - Originating Price means Price pay by the sender from account's currency
  • call Nepal @ $ 0.0798~/min

  • call United Kingdom @ $ 0.0074~/min

  • call India @ $ 0.0094~/min

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