What is Otel


Any Otel to Otel connection

Sending attachments & sharing locations

Advance call functions (conference, video calls, voicemails)

An Otel account & software update


Otel Phone Out to non-Otel users' mobile and landline at cheap rates

SMS – Send international SMS at cheap rate

Mobile top up – Add your balance on international mobiles at cheap rates

Otel is the best smart phone and tablet apps in the world which has brought an entirely novel conception for us. A new addition to our rapid and competitive innovation journey is OTEL. It allows its users to make free calls and send free texts to their family, friends and professional contacts. This concept is getting widely popular in the cyber world and is undoubtedly a revolutionary idea. OTEL is a new addition to this category and has some marvelous features that never exist before in the apps' functions.

OTEL lets you get connected to people on your contacts list via your smart phone, tablet and PC. OTEL app is available for iOS, Android, Black Berry, Mac and Windows. It only requires this connection that install OTEL app on both sides of party. After, all you need is a reliable Internet access to get connected and use audio & type devices. Remarkable feature of OTEL is that informs you when a person on your contact list joins this community. So, you notice your extended OTEL circle. It is a special feature that has a few apps in the market.

OTEL Phone out is the other astonishing feature offered by this app that lets you connect to your non-OTEL community member.  With this function, you need to pay small fee that is worth of quality of services. You can compare to other companies' services. In addition, OTEL, has an extra benefit, too. It gives you to earn credits on your OTEL account. When you introduce your friends to OTE and they join OTEL, you can get OTEL credits. (some restrictions may apply.)

You can search your friends by their email adds, cell numbers and OTEL ids. Our sole purpose of providing these amazing features is to make your communication ever most easy and fun and to save your money. OTEL uses your phone number for your account ID. Once you create an account from your smart phone, you can synchronize it with your Windows PC and Mac book later, too. OTEL is better than all other competitors when it secures your data and personal information.

We offer absolutely free app communication within OTEL users, and our OTEL Phone Out is available at an astonishingly low price. OTEL presents some exciting packages that can reduce you phone call spending up to more than 50%. In addition, you can buy those packages for a monthly base only when you need. It's no hidden fee or contracts.  Therefore, it leaves all counterparts out far behind in every service and feature. You can download this app now.

Join Otel community in three easy steps:

  • Download Otel Apps (iOS, Android, BlackBerryMac or PC).
  • Create an account with your number or email.
  • Start talking & saving.

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