How to make calls and text for free?

Making calls and texting is free when you and the other person (whom you are calling to) have Otel application installed in phone, tablet or pc. Next requirement is either a good internet or 3G/4G service for smooth conversation. When you have all these, you can see status icon in contact list of the app. If you do not see any status icon, it means no one from your contact list uses Otel yet. In this case, just let them know about the app. After they join, you will be notified and they will start to appear in Otel contact.

How to make calls to non Otel (paid)?

Otel Phone Out is the paid service specifically for this purpose if you need to make long distance calls to regular mobile or landline numbers. We are required to charge you for this service because we do not own these carriers. But, it is assured that calling rates are still very low and you can save a lot comparing to other methods of making international calls (See Pricing). You need to top up your account before using Otel Phone Out.

How to earn credits?

You can earn credits by inviting your friends to join Otel. After they have installed the app, ask them to go at Share Your Love section and choose you as the person who referred them. This way, you will earn $ 0.50 which will be credited into your account.

Why do you need my phone number?

While signing up for an Otel account, it is required that you choose either a username or a phone number. You can choose any one. Registering your account with the phone number makes the process much easier and shorter. After you join the Otel community, your friends who have your number will be notified instantly. But, if you choose a username to register, communicating for free can be one step longer as you have to provide the username to your friends. Do not worry, your phone number will remain with Otel.

How to find friends who also use Otel?

You can search for your friends by using ‘Find Friends’ option. Simply, enter friend’s Otel ID, email address or phone number.

Is there separate version for Windows and Mac?

Yes. Separate versions are available for Windows and Mac computers. You can download it here.

Can I use Otel in a tablet?

Yes. The same corresponding app that is used in mobile phone can also be used in tablets. For example, if own a tablet with Android as its OS, you can install Otel for Android. The app will cover every features in tablet as in other devices.

Otel Phone Out – Where can I see the rates?

You can check the rates here or in Otel application itself. There are two methods of checking within the app: entering the phone number directly in dialer or More>>Accounts tab.

How can I recharge my account?

You can recharge your account from website as well as directly from the application on your device. Click on TOP UP at the top menu to recharge your account.

I recharged but don't want to use, may i get money back?

No you can't get money back. Please read our refund policy.

How to use one Otel account in multiple device? Is it even possible?

Yes, it possible without any doubt. Just set up your password in Profile section for your account and you are good to go.

What are the packages?

Packages comes handy when you have to call outside Otel community more often. With multi packages, international calls can be made saving you more than 50% than regular charges. More at 'Rates' page.

Do I have to pay monthly for those packages?

No, you do not have to. Each package you purchase will last up to 30 days and will expire after that without any further charges.

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