About us

Otel is an innovative, powerful new app that connects individuals through VOIP and international calling services. 

Who We Are

Otel is owned by Ocean Technology (OTECH), which operates in Tokyo, Japan. It's a well-established reputation as an excellent quality calling card service in Japan, we provide powerful solutions to clients who require high-standard. We believe in providing exceptional services and user friendly software that our clients always rely on. 

What We Do 

In addition, we are specialize in a VOIP and international calling card service, and we also extend variety of FREE services to individuals and businesses. These free services include an Otel to Otel connection, conference call, video call, voice mail, texting, attachment sending, and location sharing with secured account and software updates. Our app makes you connect to your friends, family, and business associates easily.  

We also offer Paid services which include SMS international messages and calls outside of the country mobile and landline phones. You can connect with your contacts via your mobile phone, tablet and P.C. You just download the application. It's easy, convenient, and extremely affordable.

The App

Otel is innovative and highly efficient performance app because we designed it precisely . For example, when someone joins the community who is on your contact list, you’ll receive a notification. So, you can communicate with that person via Otel with no charge. It improves you your business with our outstanding technology. 

How Otel is Different

Unlikely other VOIP services, we offer an innovative service that allows a free call and text within our community. Our app can apply on almost all devices and is simple and easy-to-use. Users can always connect with other Otel users anywhere in the world. The only requirement is your device connects to the Internet. No matter, our clients need to stay in touch and want to communicate with someone. Otel helps and makes them easier. 

Our Mission 

Our Otel's mission is to provide better user experiences by continually improving our services and software. We are changing the way of personal and professional world communicates throughout the world.

Why Choose Our App

If you want to stay connect with your family or friends wherever you are now, Otel is perfect for you. You discover the freedom of communication anywhere in the world by Otel. Download it now!

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