Due to the Covid-19, office hours is shortened. If your calls on our landline number is not answered please call on our following customer support mobile numbers. Thank you.

080-3594-7289 (AU), 080-3733-0303 (Softbank)

Free Phone Calls, Video Chats and Texting

Install this app on your device and create your Otel account, you can get connect with other
Otel users on your contact list instantly. Everything is free to communicate with Otel users. 
Making phone calls, video chats and texts are free. It's just much simple and reliable. 
You can send a voice mail and share a file easily.

Make Free Phone Calls Worldwide with Otel

Otel Phone Out

When you need to make a call outside of Otel users, Otel Out is a option which you should think about. 
We charge an extremely low price when you dial to a landline and mobile directly.

Check the rates below.

International Mobile Recharge

No balance in your mobile when you need to make an urgent call? Well, we have a solution for you. 
This is our extra service when you need to recharge your mobile balance or others in emergency. 

More than 120 countries are covered.

Check the rates below.

Skype Call